Membership fees are variable depending upn grade of membership.
LEVEL 1  £1500-00
Accreditation member: these are organisations whose corporate purpose is to provide accreditation services to certification bodies and to inspection and test bodies. They are identified as a unique group for membership of IAU because of their contribution and influence to product and systems quality assurance.
LEVEL 2  £500-00
Institutional member: These are corporate bodies representing the interests of members and other stakeholders. They are generally non – profit making and are membership organisations serving the needs of a particular industry sector or professional group but may also speak on behalf of consumer groups or other stakeholder interest
LEVEL 3  £250-00
Individual member: This may be a person or a corporate business. It will have a fairly well defined and specific interest for its own well-being. These members are given the opportunity to contribute to the global environment of quality assurance. This level contains certification organisations for conformity assessment purposes that have achieved or are actively pursuing accreditation.
All material images and text within this site are copywrite of the sponsoring organisation of Global Accreditation Forum. Members and members of the general public may download and use free of charge all ‘downloads’. Permission to use material embedded within general web pages must be sought from the General Secretary.
Use of the International Accreditation Union logo is permitted to any member on payment of a licence fee of £230-00 per year. See downloads for arrangements for payment.